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I attended Catholic School (just like J.Lo) and graduated from the first Thurgood Marshall Program in 1975.
Then from CAS-City As School H.S. in 1978 - Yes, that's three years, with a Regents Gold Seal Diploma. (Public H.S. couldn't teach me what I already knew). 
Graduated from the Delehanty Business Institute, Magna Cum Laude - When Business School(s) weren't the norm, but I went through the "motions" to learn how to type [my greatest asset].  

Only to discover, post 9/11, the former WBI (Washington Business Institute) lost my education archives [or did they just throw in the garbage] - Still didn't stop me from earning six-figures. BTW: still have my "original" TAP and BEOG Receipts to prove my education was "paid" for.
I single-handedly created a legitimate 501(c)3 Non-Profit w/o Lobbying, as well as performing Income Tax Preparation for those who need it most – Poor, middle-class individuals who require the most representation, for a fraction of the cost…

Since then, my 20+ years in IT Corporate Finance has deemed me “over-qualified” I decided to “quantify” myself as an Entrepreneur, with several other businesses "in the works" outside of Income Tax preparation.  I have other websites including "Fad Advertising Concepts" which was one of my first business ventures from the 1990s.  
I also look forward to becoming a Movie Producer/Writer/Director.
I’ll keep you posted!
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