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Red White AND Poor chronicles our economy from the 1970's to date, from the Drug Infestation, Corporate Greed to the Political Corruption that has allowed Outsourcing to destroy the lives of ordinary, everyday Americans! 

Red, White AND Poor

ISBN-10: 0-692-66384-3

ISBN-13: 978-0-692-66384-4​


Despite the topic, this book isn't only about race [Well, yeah, it is], but "Not" to incite racism - 50 Years after the "March on Washington" we need to join forces as AMERICANS, united "against" discrimination in favor of Foreign "cheap" labor!


What's Love Got To Do with IT!


This is my "next" book.  I'm not here to tell you how to find "Love" I'm here to tell you how to avoid a broken heart before you're, "in too deep" and how men miss the point about why women argue with them!

Spend your emotions like money!

To Be Announced...
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